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Shimane Prefectural Governor Zenbei Mizoguchi

We Demand the Life Never Threatened by Nuclear DisasterI

We, the people living on the mother planet, were shocked awake by the aftermath of Fukushima 3.11 how dangerous a country Japan is. Japan has so many nuclear power plants(NPPs) built on so many active-fault lines. Isn't it foolish to have been building NPPs on a small island country constantly hit by big earthquakes and tsunamis all through its history?

We have been watching how the nuclear disaster in Fukushima has been developing and affecting the people, not only those living close to the wrecked NPPs but also those living far away from them. Many countries evacuated their citizens from Japan for their safety.

As it happened in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, children are the most vulnerable - - - possibility of developing the thyroid gland cancers. Expected mothers are also in danger - - -possibility of malformed babies. Even adults may develop many health problems including cancers.

Someday this great nuclear fallout will reach our countries as seas and skies are all open to the world. Now we strongly demand you to dismantle all the NPPs in Japan and give us a safe and livable earth.

We hear the NPPs in your prefecture have the worst record of neglect in safety checkups. And, as a result, the two NPPs were totally shut down for nine months. Still people say they had enough electricity all through those months including record-breaking hot summer. The Chugoku EPC even sold extra electricity to other EPCs. We also hear that 461,000 citizens live within 30 km of the Shimane NPPs. That's unbelievable!
So yours are the first ones to be dismantled for the world.

ƒWe Demand„

    1. Never permit the Chugoku Electric Power Company to restart operating its two nuclear power plants after the checkup breaks.

    2. Never permit the Chugoku Electric Power Company to start operating the Third Nuclear Power Plant now under construction.

    3. Withdraw the prior approval of plutonium thermal use for the Second Nuclear Power Plant.

    4. Request the Chugoku Electric Power Company to make safety agreement with the local governments around the Shimane Nuclear Power Plants.

    5. Shimane Prefectural Government should commission experts who have a thorough knowledge of the geological feature around the Shimane Nuclear Power Plants to research the active-fault lines (operate a trench research) around the Shimane Nuclear Power Plants.

    6. Shimane Prefectural Government should actively try to develop natural energy and ways of saving energy and make full use of them.


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