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Sayonara (Good-bye) Nuclear Power Plants Network

Dear friends all over the world

We're sure all of you know the great nuclear disaster of Fukushima 3.11 in the sequence of earthquakes and tsunamis.

We really thank you for so many prayers, donations, and helping hands sent from all over the world. Those meant so much to us Japanese.

However, now, we need further help from you. As you already know, this disaster has borne unimaginable calamity: Chernobyl-level of radioactive fallout. It is really foolish of the past government to have been building so many nuclear power plants (NPPs) on the country sitting on so many active-fault lines.

Most people within 20km (about 11 miles) of the exploded NPPs in Fukushima have evacuated and are now living in the hurriedly built temporary houses. Some still remain where their houses are, though, because of the affection to their homeland despite of the high risks of future health problems, especially for children. The children, even those already evacuated, are most vulnerable: the possibility of future development of the thyroid gland cancers, as happened in the Chernobyl disaster.

The radioactive fallout has been spreading far beyond imagined. The parents with small children living even around Tokyo area keep their children from playing in the parks or school yards in fear of exposure to radioactive fallout.

Farming and fishing industries have been fatally suffering with no future hope of recovering because so huge area is contaminated. Many countries have stopped importing food from Japan, as you know. We Japanese are also very careful about which area the foods come from.

Why hasn't Japanese government reversed its NPP policy yet, with even some possibility of more disaster in sight because of shaky state of wrecked NPPs in Fukushima, or another expected great earthquakes?

GREED !!! Japanese governments in the past were bribed by big electric power companies (EPCs). They received so much money from them, SELLING OUT Japan's future, or I would say, WORLD'S FUTURE. Someday, the nuclear fallout from Japan will floating-reach and wash up on your shore, damaging the marine ecosystem and contaminating precious soil on your countries.

We have to stop it! We have to stop this foolish but dangerous act of Japanese government and the big EPCs. For that purpose, we need your help. Please sign the petition to urge the government and the EPCs to dismantle all of the nuclear power plants on our islands, Japan.

Here's the first ones- - -the least necessary but most neglected ones: Shimane Nuclear Power Plants in Shimane Prefecture.


The Fukushima Syndrome : ABC News 9/13 2011

Here's an article about Japan's nuclear subsidy dependency. Kashima is the place where Shimane NPPs are located, which is 8km(about 5 miles) away from the center of the city with 200,000 population 


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